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Once again, the charming Rochelle, path finder extrordinaire, has issued a map, the challenge for Friday Fictioneers.  This week the prompt is from one of my photos.

Here, in 100 words, is my little walk in the park. Lane and Jemma have appeared before and seemed to want to wander back.

Wedding Dress

Arrive Taras. gHOST TOWN 092

“Thirty five cents a yard,” The clerk was impatient. Leaving Jemma looking at the calico print, he turned to another customer.

Jemma glanced again at the ready made dresses hanging  in the rafters. Oh, to have twelve dollars to spend.

After all, it was a wedding dress!

Lane had offered  half his pay, ten dollars, but they needed that for the new house and she must have dishes, pots and pans.

Teaching school for fifteen dollars a month and board would not  stretch enough.

Counting carefully, she sighed, “I’ll take seven yards.”

“That will be $2.45”.


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I am giving a wedding shower for grandson’s fianceee. SATURDAY! Yes, in two days!
Not that there has not been a lot of planning going on, but this morning I realized that I had not purchased a gift.
Thinking about what might be a ‘practical’ thing, since this is the merger of ‘bachelor living’ and ‘coming from mom and dad’s’, they can use all sorts of things.
My idea list was:
a clothes basket, laundry supplies, maybe a roll of clotheslind and pins
kitchen utensils ( Okay this one is in hopes of getting mine that have been borrowed back)
a collection of familoy recipes
basic home tools, hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape and such
basic first aid kit for the home
pans and a few items to make a simple meal or two…
It’s hard to know, but any of these things or a combination would be good for a couple starting out.
I am pretty sure what ever I can come up with will work.
Anyway, there will be some games, cake and decorations – I do know that!
Really I am looking forward to this event, and to this new addition to our family

Since 2:30 AM Friday, we have been on the wrong road in Illinois, in a rain storm in the Smoky Mountains and lost in North Carolina…

Friday evening found us rushing to make it all work to arrive for our daughter’s wedding in North Carolina. We made it and were able to spend a special moment in our daughter’s life.

Barefoot at the wedding

You know those awful dreams, you are out in public and realize that you are missing some important item of clothing?

I have awedding to attend thisweekend, and I truly have no appropriate shoes…

Yes, it is my own fault! I hate shopping, and my last pair of somewhat ‘dressy’ shoes do not fit my short fat feet anymore. Could be the months of wearing flip-flops have something to do with that.

I really did look for shoes on several trips to town, but I can’t find any that ‘suit’ or if they do, they do not fit!

I have a long skirt, I’m merely a guest, hopefully no one will notice my bare feet or the flip-flops!