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I often post photos in a ‘photo a day group’ on Facebook. Each day has a topic, and folks are allowed to interpret it and post their own pictures.
Today’s topic was ‘tiny’ and I posted this picture:
clearwater lake trip 128tiny flowersA
I looked in my “Missouri Wildflower’ book and did not find a ‘match’, so I indicated that in my post about the picture.
This is how things work: A lady in the UK posted that she thought the flower was called ‘speedwell’.
My daughter in California looked it up http://greennature.com/gallery/weeds/weeds-in-lawn.html and sure enough, the flower is speedwell.
I found this very interesting, as long ago ancestors arrived at Plimouth on a ship called the Speedwell.
And that, friends, is ‘how things work’ sometimes…

My friend at Fine Frugality posted this nice blog about weeds that can be used in food.  Weeds Anyone? Why Yes Please!.

Rught now, here on Sunrise Ridge, many of the weeds have succumbed to the heat and drought, but I am reposting and saving the imnformation for future reference.

I can identify the weeds she mentions and they grow here!