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Spirit is Strong

Fathers Day weekend.

As a family, we’ve dreaded it, the first one without the patriarch, teacher, mentor.

There had been promises made, last winter, when Hubby was still up and about; yes, we will be shooting the guns.

I’ll help you with the bows.

I got these 4-wheelers for the kids to ride.

A small boy cried in my arms when Hubby passed, that those things would not happen. I said they would.

Saturday was a fine day, I got on the scooter, my yard transportation right now and accompanied by that small boy and several cousins we had lessons in gun handling and finally shooting.

Older grandsons had got the 4-wheelers out and ready, so they took turns learning to manage those.

Sunday, another grandson, this one a.memberof his school archery team, took over, showing the group how to use both long and compound bows and valiantly attempting to have everyone hit the target.

Hubby may not be here physically, but his spirit is still here on Sunrise Ridge.

New generation, passing on the knowledge he left to yet another group.

Thats what Life is about. Happy father’s day

Adventures on an epic trip part 1

THe epic trip began well.

Day one, reached our goal of Beatrice, Nebraska. With a lot of enthusiasm and more than a little energy, we went to Homestead National Monument.

The kids buzzed like bees working to complete the booklets for their Junior Ranger badges.

i wobbled along with my cane to become a Not So Junior Ranger.

We spent three days in the area around Grand Island Nebraska. My family, both sides had homes in the area when I was a child, we looked for them, examined cemeteries, and spent several hours at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer.

Daughter and kids toured the business side of town, while I chose to your the restored homes on a side street.

I stopped at a bench on the street, and met by the rest of the group was escorted to the Mercantile.

There, I was greeted as “Gramma” by the storekeeper, and treated to a lot of old time ( oh, I grew up with that) toys. Several continued the journey with us.

i may have overdone a bit, the town marshall escorted me out of town, kindly carrying my bag.