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My dad was a genius for homemade costumes, one year my brother was a robot, thanks to some boxes and foil wrap.

I stood out at a long ago Halloween party, done up in a brocade dress of my mothers, some of Gram’s costume jewelry and a cape. For a few hours I was an elegant queen of a far off land.

What could be simpler than a bag of groceries? Back when paper was not an option. a few clever cuts with scissors and some glue to attach empty packages.

I guess with five of us to costume it might have been as much necessity as anything, but we never felt ‘bad’ that we did not have Superman, Cinderella or a witch outfit from the store.

It was a tradition I carried on, an old graduation robe has stood several incarnations, a set of sweats with a bit of judicious trim was a Power Ranger, another with some fabric paint became an articulated skeleton and when the girls were small, every year a clown costume made of flannel also served as winter pajamas.

Life was easier, and far more practical.

I liked this prompt! The place where I live sometimes seems stuck in time. A time of years past, where people ‘do’ for themselves and rely on each other, small communities that are tied to one another by commonality, relationships and distance from technology.

I picked this photo, because of my personal interest in ‘fiber arts’ from crocheting to quilting. Again it is from Ozark Heritage Day.

The wool being spun into yarn was from their own sheep and as you passed around the rest of this demonstration, weaving and knitting were also displayed. Signs of time gone by and arts still to be revered and remembered. It is where we Ozarkers came from and precious treasures remain in the ‘knowing’ and doing.  

Strong people, resiliant people. I am blessed to know them, to learn from them… proof positive that we are not ‘lazy rednecks’ but intelligent and independent.

“Something I wore?” In 60+ years, I’ve worn a lot of things…

My parents liked to dress me in cute, stylish dresses , such as the one in this photo taken by my father when I was about 18 months old.That was not very effective, as soon as I was old enough to rebel against ruffles and lace, probably 5(?) I learned that JEANS and pockets were much more to my liking and standard of living. Being the only girl  on the block among a bunch of boys, the choices were adapt or have no one to play with. When I started school, I made a girl friend, who was also a tomboy. We played with the ‘boys’. It was what we did, our younger sisters played with dolls, we, however, were known to scalp them playing cowboys.

I could run, play tackle football and climb trees with those guys and never ever miss a beat.

High school, where girls were expected to wear dresses or skirts,  was an unpleasant experience. I had then and still have NO sense of style. Can’t help it, my Gram and sister got those genes and they missed me completely! It’s a good thing our rural school did not have a prom or anything like that… Well, I would not have gone, the idea of a fancy dress and heels gives me shudders.

Those moments in the daughters lives were shunted off to other people who might have a clue. I stood around and took pictures of my lovely girls, but offered nothing in the way of suggestions.

As and adult, college did not require any remarkable clothing, and a health care career was simple scrubs. Possibly my best foray into style, since they came in all colors and many prints over the years. Pretty much what I could wear and be comfortable in.

So, here I sit, in my sweatshirt, jeans,and hiking boots. my basic ‘uniform’ these days… oh yes, I do wear hats and this is one I made recently and wear frequently.

So, there you have it. “something I wore” and something I wear now.

>It isn’t only quilting


These are two of the grand boys, DD#3’s oldest 2, wearing their Indian costumes.
We made them for Halloween.
The boys had different ideas but when they saw the Indian costume I had made a couple of years ago for another grand boy, that was the choice.
We made them last night and today. The boys seem to be pretty pleased with the results. The little one looks ready to spring into a dance in the picture
I managed to use up quite a bit of ‘scrappage’, and we made matching ‘treat bags’ to go with them.
It was a busy day!