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Yesterday, my sister and I went down some old dirt roads together.

One stop took me back some 50+ years, as we found and photographed a house much like my in-laws when Hubby and I first wed. That house had no electricity, no water running from a tap. It held respect, knowledge and caring people, for which I am forever grateful.

out withBJ for the day 027pro.

All this picture needs is me and Granny,sitting on the porch, enjoying the summer afternoon. Feeling the breeze, listening to cicadas and birds sing, a glass of cold well water in hand. Knowing a ‘canning’ of green beans, one of tomatoes, and a batch of pickles are sealing in the kitchen. The wood stove is cooling down, dishes done up, floor is swept…nothing to do for an hour or two, until supper. At peace with the world.

Down a dirt road, at the low water crossing, cool water moves over the dam. Time to stop, sit quietly and take a few moments to contemplate the wonders of nature and the glory of God’s creation…

In those moments, listen: ripples and soft splashes. Singing birds.

Look: flashing bird wings, wild flowers.

Feel: warm sun and damp breeze.

Smell: flowers, rich earth.


You cannot purchase a moment like this.

airstrip, mayholler, maple trees on B 052

Judge not…

Earlier today, someone posted about a child ‘misbehaving’ in a store, the poster wanted to go up and give the parent a lecture on ‘parenting’.

I had to ask myself, “Are you sure? Do you have the answers? Are you qualified to make this judgment?”

I was not present, so I do not know.
As I read the post, much of what was described sounded like an autism ‘meltdown’.  In a crowded store, lots of lights, sounds and people, sometimes only being touched in passing, many autistic children  scream or become physically violent in order to cope with a situation they cannot react to in the way others do.
No, the parent did not react as you felt they should have. Had they removed the child or given your suggested  ‘good whooping’ that might well have exacerbated an already upsetting situation.
Autism doesn’t manifest with spots, rashes or missing parts… it is an overwhelming neurological condition and effects the child, family and caregivers. A parent has to learn what works and they can only do so much.
Maybe not, but sometimes our attitude only adds fuel to an unquenchable flame.  It was probably best, you walked on and only raved on FB this morning.
I live with someone with autism, when he was small, this ‘inappropriate behavior’ was one of the things we had to deal with frequently.
He has learned and progressed, we have learned and progressed. Crowds and lots of noise still make him ‘melt’. It’s easier now to refocus or leave, but there are times when you just have to bite the bullet and do your best.

And we try, every day has a challenge, some very small, some groundbreaking, some earth-shaking. We win some and we lose some, but we keep on.

Memorial Day 2015

Thinking today of family members, friends and people I have never met who served our country.

Thinking of my grandmother standing at Uncle Bernie’s grave and answering “Here Sir” as the roll was called.

Seeing my brother, named for the uncle, stand at attention with his Cub Scout troop after placing flags.

Thinking of May, 1965, standing at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, watching the Marines as they paced the Honor Guard, walking through Arlington Cemetery that day.

Stopping at President Kennedy’s grave.. pondering patriotism and the blessings of living in the USA.

It is good to stop, think about where we come from and consider what our future holds

amish promisesLeslie Gould’s new book Amish Promises begins with the family of injured veteran Joel Beck, his wife, Shani and son arriving in Lancaster County so he can heal from his wounds.

Joel has PTSD, Shani is pregnant with their second child. It seems the stresses are tearing their marriage apart.

Their nearest neighbors, the Lehman’s are Amish. Joel is not sure this is going to work, nor is neighbor Tim.

A romance ensues with Joel’s friend Charlie and Tim’s sister Eve, both fighting their attraction on the basis of their differing religions.

Accidents and storms take place, making both families learn acceptance, and mutual trust.

The characters are well developed and the plot is something that night happen these days.

I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it to others. Easily gets a four star rating!

April Foolishness


It still holds true. And, the elected officials ARE on vacation again or still, I’m not certain!

Originally posted on Oldentimes's Blog:

Another April has arrived. What was the best April Fool prank you ever played?
I think my best one was some years ago, Hubby was working 3-11 shift and was sleeeping late into the morning.
When he woke up, I asked him “How did you get that big crack in the truck windshield?”
He failed to see the humor in that!
I pretty much gave up on the foolishness after that, however, I think this year we might change the holiday to “Honor your Elected Officials Day”, somehow, it seems rather appropriate for many of them. Don’t try to contact your senators or representatives in their offices to wish them well, just mail a card – they are on vacation!

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forty nine – your kidding!

Forty nine years ago today, Hubby and I promised to love one another and share good times and bad.

There have been many more good times than bad over those years. We learned a lot about listening to each other, compromising, negotiating, and never ever to taking each other for granted.

It’s almost the big milestone people get carried away about, maybe next year we will be celebrating that!

Enchanted afternoon

Parker, the middle great grandchild decided he wanted to spend the day with Pa and Gamma Grape.

We agreed and entered the wonderful world and imagination of at three year old for several hours.

Our toy box has none of the electronic bells and whistles, so it was not long until I was sitting in the arm chair with him as we drove to the store, inconveniently running out of gas and having a flat on our imaginary adventure. Things that have happened in his world.

Later, after a meal of hot dogs, mac and cheese and pickles, I turned on the computer to share Parker with some family far away.

In the toy box, he found a Spiderman figure, a large two piece Easter egg and some Lego’s. These items became a space ship. He and Pa had a serious discussion over where the ship would go – moon or Mars.

Finally he succumbed to a nap, snuggled on the couch with an afghan and stuffed toy. I might need one too!

10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse


After years in health care, I can surely relate to this fine post. I hope you enjoy it. For those who wonder, I hope to be back behind the keyboard as Oldentimes soon.

Originally posted on Adventures of a Labor Nurse:

There are lots of nurses in my family, including my mother, who has been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. So I know a thing or two about being raised by a nurse…

Britta-Perry Seriously?!?

You have to be bleeding to death or unconscious to go to the emergency room. When my dad started complaining of chest pain in the middle of the night and said he wanted to go to the ER, my mom warned him that it better not be his gallbladder. Halfway to the ER, she made him go back home so she could get her scrubs… you know, ’cause she worked the next day :/  Needless to say, it was not his gallbladder. You guessed it, he was having a heart attack :( I’m so glad he’s still around to not let her live that one down…Oh, and she didn’t notify any of her kids until the next morning, because…

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Sharing because I believe this teacher is ‘right on the money’.
Everyone learns differently and responds differently.

Originally posted on Crawling Out of the Classroom:

To all of my precious students,

I am sorry for what I am about to do to you.

This week, I am going to have to give you a new test. It’s called PARCC. There will be five separate tests, on four separate days, and my guess is that most of you will hate them.  My guess is that one or two of you will be brought to tears because they will make you feel like you are not smart enough.  My guess is that several of you will give up part way through the test and just start clicking around on the screen. My guess is that some of you will look around at the students sitting next to you to try and figure out if they are also as confused as you are in the hopes of knowing that you are not the only way feeling this way…

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