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Seth Alexander and a new dad

A former classmate of great grand daughter was recently adopted by his loving step-father. Seth worked very hard to present his new dad a book to let him know the importance of this event.

I am posting a few pages to show why so many people teared up.

Watching as Seth and his family have grown into an incredible, inspiring family has been a pleasure and I hope to be able to continue to be a part of their lives for a long time to come.

Early Thirty

From my journal, June 2, 2020

It’s the best place to be, my lawn chair solid on the gravel bar, hot coffee in my mug. Quiet time on Current River!

A gentle scent of wood smoke from a nearby camp, fine mist rising from the river. The sky is light, but the sun hasn’t yet reached over the bluff.

Sweet music, water gently rippling over rocks, and birdsongs start the day.

This morning I think of the old song, Morning has broken, Like the first morning, blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.

A raccoon came by in the very early morning to inspect camp sanitation, He moved on after digging a couple of unburned paper plates from the fire pit. We took care of the issue.

Hubby is already fishing. I took a cup of reviving morning elixir down to him, He showed me where a family of otters had been playing, or maybe fishing themselves. Webbed tracks in the sand also attest to their presence.

Back at the camper, another cup for myself, life is good. I feel that peace like a river. I’ll take that!

The ‘honey-do list’ has been revised

The famed. ‘honey-do list’ has taken on a new meaning here on Sunrise Ridge.

Rather than it being a list of things I would like Hubby to do, it has evolved into a check list for me to be able to show Hubby what has been done.

Each day, he has a number of things he wants done, and will ask multiple times if they have been done. “Did you make that phone call, is this bill paid, have I had my lunch, do we need to go somewhere…”, are just examples and it varies from day to day.

I ‘ve started to write it down, the ‘everyday’ things , like shower and clean your hearing aids, and his specific requests of the day, ‘what’s for lunch?’. Then as they are completed or attempted I can check it off or make a note of continuance.

It seems to help that I can show him a hard copy of what was done, how we need to proceed. It seems to be an efficient calming strategy at least this week.

Don’t let the rain get you down

Rain! Rain and another day of rain! We are kind of tired of it.

Once again, there were plans, and they had to be changed, postponed, moved around.

So we change things, a big round of cooking. Why not? It’s National Apple Pie day. Sadly, there are no apples here today. So, modify!

There is cherry pie filling and some refrigerated pie crust in the fridge. We can’t let that go to waste!

Crust, cut into circles or squares about 4 inches across. A generous tablespoon of filling, fold top over and crimp the edges.

A couple of inches of oil heated to 350 degrees, fry your pies two or three at a time, until golden. Add a glaze or dust with powdered sugar.

It may be best to do this when no one is about. I have discovered there can be a traffic jam somewhere in your vicinity as you try to finish frying pies.

It was fun, we had some laughs as we cooked. Now to hide the rest of them for after dinner!

Moaning, I’m broken…

The breakage is internal, not visible. It’s been a rough week! The dementia, which raises it’s ugly hurtful head, has been working overtime this week. Compulsions, obsessions, demands! How much can I take?

My ‘honey-do’ lists are long, “fix this, look up that, is it time to eat, we need to…” And it has made the days long and hard.

I need a break, that is not possible. Someone has to be here. Yesterday, he felt he needed to climb on a roof. That cannot happen, some days his balance is so bad it’s all he can do to walk safely.

I need some rest, um, no, I’m up early to try to get what I need to do done, and late to be sure things are OK when he is finally ready to call it a day. He’s never ready to do anything until at least noon these days, except eat.

I hope and pray that this is just another passing phase of the illness and things will level out again! At least for a while. I hate seeing him sink into the quicksand of this disease.

I think of the ‘if only’. If only he had not been ‘inappropriate’ with a health aid one day when I thought I could leave him for a couple of hours.

He’s begun to notice more and more, his frustration and anxiety increase as he realizes, when he does, that he can no longer do this or that or remember ‘important’ things.

How much worse must it be for him, in those lucid times? I cannot even imagine! When he speaks of possible future things, I know he is aware of possible outcomes and fears them too.

Hang on, old girl! You have him, or at least most of the time you have a part of him, yes, you cry when he tries to tell you something and that bewildered lost look comes on his face. But he is here, and still responds to a hug or pat on the shoulder.

Be thankful for what you have and the 50+ years you have had this man by your side.

Proud and humbled

Crosby, Stills and Nash once had a song I loved at the time. “Teach your Chldren Well”.

This morning, my phone rang at 5:41, daughter Dannie was on the line to encourage me to go look at the glorious sunrise.🌞☕️🐦

I went to the porch and we chatted through the early birdsong and grand colors, many shades of red, orange, and finally a delicate cotton candy pink climbing up the sky.

Why was I not already there you might ask, Hubby had a computer search he felt was needed that early.  I did desert him, the search will still be makde, but later. Maybe not today.

So very blessed, and I feel like I taught her well. 😍👩‍👧🌅💞 Yes, I am both proud and humbled in this moment.

Did he feel the wonder?

This morning, I have a new great-grandson. He is a hunky baby of 8 pounds 11 ounces and of course, handsome as can be.

Thankful for the relaxed, slightly, rules, so Daddy could be there to help welcome him into the world.

I remember a June morning a few years ago, taking daughter to her OB appointment. Dr. said just go to the OB department, we are having a baby today.

I called her husband and followed the directions I was given. About an hour later, I was holding a perfect , handsome baby boy.

I still hold in my heart the wonder of this birth and all the others I have witnessed. It’s a supremely special moment for everyone involved.

Happy birthday Derek!

A beautiful morning!

This was part of my devotional this morning and it meant a lot to me.

Jeremiah 17:7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

I look around, at all the things ‘neglected’ yesterday while I enjoyed some needed R & R.
River and restoration was so much more important!

Hubby and I started before sun-up to a local trout stream we love to spend time at. Social distance was no problem, it’s kind of hidden away.

From the Mennonite canoers sliding past us with a wave and hello, in the morning river mist, to Hubby’s 18 inch brown trout,  the sound of the high water rushing over the low water bridge, and discovering the pawpaw blooms in the shady spot I was occupying.

Have you ever seen pawpaw blooms? They are almost brown purple and look like no other flower I know.

Salami sandwiches never tasted better, served up with sliced onion and fresh tomatoes, (green house, but tasty). and I have stories locked away, perhaps to share another day.

Sure, there is a lot to do today, however, after due reflection, I am sitting on the porch, listening to a chorus of praise to the morning.

Birds are busy, feeding themselves and young families. Hummers showed up almost before the whip-poor-wills sang their last notes.

Mr, and Mrs. Blue have made a half dozen trips to the nest just while I’m typing. .

Lilacs and honeysuckle scents swirl through the air.

Just taking a few moments to savor God’s gift this morning. Very blessed to have this to share.

A time to mourn

Over the past few days, our family has been quietly waiting for information about a niece who was hospitalized with COVID 19.

Each day the news was less hopeful. Yes, there were other underlying health issues.

Family and friends unable to visit or be together.

Yesterday, at 6:30 PM, the phone rang, her sister calling to let us know ‘she’s gone’.

But we cannot gather to share memories, hugs and fellowship, due to the same disease that took here life.

It’s hard!

It’s how we roll, social distancing

Yes, we are all getting pretty tired of this social distancing arent we?

My kids,spread over the USof A had an idea. What game do we all have? The answer – Yahtzee! So last night via Zoom there was a big game of Yahtzee, rooms were fill with laughter, cheers and groans as the dice rolled and participants scored.

Not much, but we got to see one another and share more than just the game.

For an hour or so, we had FAMILY and FRIENDS together.