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Two of the great grand kids were present to assist in making our cranberry relish this year.

Cranking that old hand grinder gets to be a hard job when you are 2 and 3, but it part of the tradition is the young ones do it, with a bit of help and enthusiasm from the older ones.

Then the youngest girl felt it necessary to share her favorite book with Miss Lily before taking a nap.

It was a fine day, yews, a very fine day!



frost flowers

November mornings can bring simple surprises!

Frost flowers are created by water seeping from a stem, then freezing.

This morning we came across a lot of them in our travels.

Delicate beauty, gone when the sun warms the earth.

There is no time like the present

On Day 7 of November, 2015, I am thankful for ‘time’.
Time spent growing up, with family and friends.
Time spent learning what I know.
Time to be a parent, grand parent and great-grand parent.
Time to work, time to play.
Time to enjoy life.
Time to rejoice, there is always something good, every single day.
Time to cry, tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.
Time to remember.

Time to hope

Time to pray

Time to forgive and accept responsibility
Time to share hope and love.
And still, I hope, time granted to me to make a difference in others lives.

A few thoughts on homelessness

“Pondering: Yesterday, I saw a young woman holding a sign “HOMELESS NEED HELP!!”
Standing outside a small business area with signs of “NOW HIRING” “IMMEDIATE OPENINGS” in several windows.”

Granted, in my little rural world, we do not see this sort of thing often, nor was she the only one we saw. I wondered about the woman and the circumstances when I posted the above statement on Facebook. She was not the only one we saw, but her face remained in my thoughts long after we passed by. I followed the post up with this comment : I’m not trying to judge, just pointing out something I saw and it caused me to think. I don’t know what her circumstances or motivation were. I also realize that even had she put in applications at those businesses, and been hired, it would be a time before a paycheck and that paycheck would not provide an immediate home, nor food for the next meal… Times are tough for many, but there are also many who try to take advantage
God will have to sort that out. Meanwhile, I will still think about this and hope people can at least have the basic necessities we all take so much for granted

The post received a number of comments, ranging from such as this, “A woman here locally paid for her son’s college with a homeless sign” and “We have a husband and wife here that work each end of town. At the end of the day they both toss their hungry, homeless sign’s in the back of brand new vehicles.”  Which, very sadly, I am sure are true. And a reason why many folks seem to be much less concerned than just a few years ago.

Other comments, like this one , “I think there are 500 million reasons people are homeless and unable to get work that are legit. It’s hard to get a job if you don’t have an address. It’s hard to get an address if you don’t have a job. If you have mental health issues and have been dumped out of the system for a variety of reasons, it could be hard to get a job or keep a job. That being said, I also know a lot of people around here who lie and panhandle as their job. I just don’t trust anyone. I agree, give to charities and shelters and whatever makes you feel right and good. It’s so sad. All of it.”

And this one: I used to gave money and food until… Once I gave a young mom, with a couple of small children, holding a sign, in Colorado Springs. I gave her $20 (I think), and food, then asked if there was anything else I could do to help them. She said no, they’d be fine, but she looked nervous the longer I talked…then her husband came out of McDonald’s carrying an arm load of food and drinks. Yeah…I just walked off. Then, here in Wichita, near Lowes just off Hwy 54, I gave a man a fistfull of money and food because he had a sign, crutches, and a cast on his leg. I drove off, but remembered I had to go back to the store, so turned around and headed back…just in time to see him walking, with NO LIMP, the crutches slung over his shoulder, and get into a brand new car and drive off. grrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

A poignant comment mentioned that due to lack of sanitation and clean clothes, many homeless people were afraid to apply for jobs. A valid point, while someone else remarked that with all the shelters and such, no one should be homeless.

And my final quote: “Mary, there is a panhandler that pops up around town all the time. He looks to be late thirties, early 40s. I had small job one day and stopped to see if he wanted it. He couldnt say no fast enough. I later heard that some panhandlers are making thousands per week, tax free. Very sad”

I don’t have answers. The sight gave me pause to think. Charity begins and ends with us, but as one person said, with all the scams, how do we know if someone really needs help?


there are some things you really regret.

One of those things was the Christmas I was 17. Back then, as most teens, there was an aura of complacency, and not a little feeling of superiority in my being.

An elderly aunt had hand crocheted a large doll for me, looking back and now aware of what time and effort went into that doll, I know it should have meant a lot.

However, as a soon to be adult Senior in High School, I was sorely disappointed in the gift. Not because it was hand made but because it seemed to me she was not seeing me for the grownup that I had become.

The doll was tucked away, out of sight in my parents attic for several years.

I don’t know what ever became of it, but this morning while working on some Christmas craft projects, I remembered the doll and more specifically, how I felt.

I’m really sorry I was not more appreciative at the time.


Recently, I attended a Heritage Event at Alley Spring in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

One of the exhibit demonstrations was Wagon Wheel Rug Weaving, which greatly intrigued me.

The lady weaving gave some information about how it was done, and I thought since I have lots of fabric scraps from quilt making that I should really try this.

When I got home, I looked on the internet and found some further instructions.

The first and foremost item of importance is a hoop big enough for the project. I did not have one so made a prototype on an embroidery hoop. (We are not going to discuss that here, other than to say it gave me a lot of feed back on what NOT to do).

A couple of days later, a friend came over to learn how to do this and gifted me an old hula hoop. Much better! I gave her a copy of my instructions, a sort of lesson and she has her rug completed as well.

The following pictures give an idea of this weaving technique. Adding the wheel ‘spokes’ as you go is rather challenging . Probably comparable to basket weaving. I might try that one of these days…

It took two old sheets, an assortment of scraps, about 12 hours of actual ‘work’ to complete a 34 inch rug..

Hubby remarked “It looks like a rug.” Very astute, or as a friend says, depend on a man to tell you the truth.

Not perfect, but I now know a lot more about the ‘how to’ and am looking forward to beginning another one before long.

Winter is coming and crafting is a good way to while away cold weather. And while I do it, I will have this little rug to rest my feet on!


October 18, ready to add more ‘spokes’


October 22, progress!


October 28 Finished project. Still needs some trimming

My dad was a genius for homemade costumes, one year my brother was a robot, thanks to some boxes and foil wrap.

I stood out at a long ago Halloween party, done up in a brocade dress of my mothers, some of Gram’s costume jewelry and a cape. For a few hours I was an elegant queen of a far off land.

What could be simpler than a bag of groceries? Back when paper was not an option. a few clever cuts with scissors and some glue to attach empty packages.

I guess with five of us to costume it might have been as much necessity as anything, but we never felt ‘bad’ that we did not have Superman, Cinderella or a witch outfit from the store.

It was a tradition I carried on, an old graduation robe has stood several incarnations, a set of sweats with a bit of judicious trim was a Power Ranger, another with some fabric paint became an articulated skeleton and when the girls were small, every year a clown costume made of flannel also served as winter pajamas.

Life was easier, and far more practical.

Halloween, long ago.

The ‘pack’ of neighborhood kids, dressed in homemade costumes, parading down the streets.

Those kids, waiting for the homemade cookies, caramel apples, real apples, popcorn balls, an occasional candy bar or block of Double Bubble gum.

Laughter, skinned knees, carrying your fussy toddler sibling the last couple of blocks.

No vandals, no chunked pumpkins, no worries, no fears.

What happened?

The Hills are ablaze with color

owl's bend bluff 2

There has been some travel this week, not too far from Sunrise Ridge. I thought you might like to see and hopefully enjoy some of our Autumn color.

21 HighwayHighway 72Pilot Knob100_0553

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does…

Phone rings: me, Hello
Broken English: Hello, I am Ephriam, from computer services, your computer has been reported ‘at risk’
Me: And who, might I ask reported it?
BE: Your husband, he called to say computer is not good.
Since Hubby never makes a call unless I dial it, I told Ephriam to forget it and take my number off his scam list.

If you want to scam me, you need to get some actual facts…


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