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Off to school FF 2/12/21

Friday Fictioneers, Curated by the talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who challenges with building a story in 100 words or less, inspired by a photo. his week provided by Alicia Jamtaas.

Today’s prompt, took me back in local history.

Photo by Alicia Jamtaas

Lenore walked slowly. Spring had seen her last day in eighth grade. The county superintendent had asked her to take the school for the next year. Father approved.

Lenore was happy for the job, she wanted to BE a teacher.

The news had just come, the deserted lumber train tracks were going to be used for a bullmoose train, running twice a day.

A stop here in Dowitch each day for milk cans and passengers. The impossible 10 miles from the two room school to the Academy, overcome!

Lenore knew Father would object, but she was going to go!


Lenore, child of depression in our area, did ride the bullmoose to the Academy, gaining her teaching credentials. During the 1960s when I attended the High School that was the metamorphosis of the Academy, Miss Camden was still teaching eighth grade.

Some years later, she was a resident at a nursing home where I was employed. She left this world at 102, having touched the lives of hundreds of minds over her 50+ years teaching.

A scolarship fund was organized in her name. Long will she be remembered.

The rails are long gone but on occasions of heavy rain, railroad spikes still make their way up through the railroad bed, now used as a local road.

Hiding in the John – FF 2/5/21

It’s time for the Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been absent in both mind and body for several weeks. Coming out of the bathroom where I’ve been hiding trying to come to terms with life.

The wonderful Rochelle Wisoff Fields provided the challenge, a story in 100 words or less, Trish Nankivell provided the photo.

The inspiration? Waking up this morning, putting on my big girl pants and emptying the catheter thaat has become a new appliance in our lives.

Each day brings a different appreciation of Hubby, of health, of home. So here is today’s biographical sketch.

I’m spending too much time here!

Life happens and here on Sunrise Ridge it has been HAPPENING! You know we are dealing with dementia, this week we were hit with a whole new hammer – bone cancer!

I will in all likelihood, be even more erratic and crazed as Hubby and I walk through an even murkier path.

I’ve been depressed, yes, really! Who would think?

So, here I am the door is locked and the shower streaming, so I can cry.

there is companionship on the journey

I have found another Alzheimer’s related blog.

There are many others wandering around in this deadly mist, and many bloggers sharing the journey. Good to know I am not as alone as I often feel!

I’m looking for beacons right now. Things have moved from independence to a cane and sometimes, wheeled walker, from careful of bodily needs to needing to change sheets and mop the bedroom pretty much daily. Maybe they will improve again, maybe not.

My heart aches – a lot. Sharing with family is hard, how much does everone really need to know?

This past week, a doc apppointment. I did not even try to get him to ‘dress’. Just put on some clean pajamas. Words I never expected to say!

This has happened in a matter of weeks. We do have home help, even with that this is a rough road.

No photo description available.
Two years ago
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this week

Friday Fictioneers 12/18/20 – effigies

It’s Wednesday, but time once again for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to issue the Friday Fictioneers challenge.

This week the photo prompt comes fron Sandra Crook.

Our challenge. to tell a story in 100 words or less.

Here is my entry for this week.

See him, wearing the same clothes for the past several days

Arguments over bathing, getting up from the recliner, except late evening, when pacing takes over.

No shutting down, the blaring TV sound echoes throughout the house. Unceasing clamor.

What will we eat? When will we eat? Who is that? What do you want? Often asked questions. Maybe the only ones that matter.

Meeting each challenge, each day, till exhaustion takes a toll, this care giver fades even faster than the Alzheimers takes her partner.

Effigies, lost in this maze of life.

Days of dreams

Yes, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers. The challenge a story in 100 words, issued by the multi-talented Rochelle Wisoff Fields and the photo this week is from Roger Bultot.

So here is my story.

Steve sat at the table nearly every day, a cold sandwich and drink in the bag beside him.

Watching the new construction at the amusement park. A former ‘Carnie’, now out of work due to the pandemic. So many others too, waiting for this park to open, praying their skill and experience would mean that job they needed.

He’d heard you could apply on-line; what ever that meant. He could run all the rides, and shill most games, but the internet? That was a mystery he couldn’t solve.

The Magic Tree

Gum drop Christmas tree from

We don’t want to talk about how long ago! A highlight of my childhood was getting to walk from our house to my great aunt’s two city blocks away.

Times were different. Mother would stand on the porch and Aunt Sadie would meet me on the corner of her block. An incredible amount of freedom for a 5 year old child. (the earliest I remember going by myself)

Entering Aunt Sadie’s home was like Alice entering Wonderland. Especially when she was decorating for Christmas. Her big dining room table would hold boxes of glittering baubles, chains of garlands, wreathes for the doors and windows.

Before the twilight set in, she and I would have things placed here and there to her satisfaction and celebrate in the kitchen with some cookies and a cup of tea.

Then the last project of the day. From a thin little box, came a plastic tree, we had to slide the pieces together and place it in the plastic base. I was handed a bag of gum colored drops while she tidied the dining table and set out the red runner.

Careful to make sure the gumdrops were distributed well, never two of the same color together, I worked doing my childish best.

It never mattered in the long run, Aunt Sadie always encouraged and applauded the finished tree, placing it in the center of the festive dining room table.

As we began the walk to her corner on my way home I was always given a bag of Jelly beans and one of gum drops to share at home with my four siblings – except the black ones. Those were always my dad’s.

Holly’s Coffee Shop FF 11/13

The challenge from Rochelle Fields story in 100 words or less.

The prompt, a photo by Dale Rogerson, this week.

Simple? Not so much

The lights were on, silvery glow sparklng on the first snow of winter.

Holly looked up from the board, rolling what must have been the millionth ball of dough.

From the large bowl on the counter, she scoops cinnamon apple filling onto the pastry rounds.

Kel crimped the crust and slid the hand pies into the hot oil.

Toasty brown, sugar glazed into the case, time to open.

The coffee machine roared to life. A smile lit her face.

The doorway crowded with hungry people. Nothing like she’d seen before.

And so, I add the crust for my daughter, Danielle’s fried pies

It’s possible you might wish to try them. they work well fried in oil, or baked. Filling is up to you. Canned from the local store is easy, homemade is delicious

1/4 c butter (this is one time butter is better)

1 c flour

3 Tbsp hot milk

1 egg yolk

Cut butter into flour., combine egg and milk and mix together.

Roll out dough in small portions, get it pretty thin with no holes.

Use 2 tbsp of pie filling for each pie, moisten edges, seal and fry in hot deep fat until crisp and brown.


2 Tbsp butter melted

1 Tsp vanilla

2 Tbsp Milk

Enough sifted 10X sugar to make a pourabel glaze

Drizzle over warm pies.

The Pitcher full of blessing

I am thankful for an empty pitcher. I went to fill a glass with tea, only to discover, for the how manyeth time, that it was put back in the fridge with about half an ounce left in it.

While indignantly mulling over this, it came to mind:

I have more tea

There is a clean pot to make it in

In this kitchen, a stove to heat the wonderful fresh well water we are blessed with

And the ice maker works!

On top of all that, there is much food in that refrigerator to keep us going.

So, empty pitcher, you made me consider and think of just how blessed I am with food and drink and very nicely provided for.

All that glitters FF 10/30/20

Every week Friday Fictioneers posts a photo chosen by Rochelle Wisoff Fields. She challenges writers and would be writers to concoct a story in 100 words. The photo comes from J Hardy Carroll, a contributor of stories as well as pictures.

Some weeks a story unfolds quickly, sometimes I can’t come up with an idea.

This week I had a flash of insight:

All That Glitters

Rita shuffled along, pushing the cart that holds all her belongings. Casting her eyes around the street. Looking always for authority figures and trying to avoid them.

The beat cop is headed this way! Rita steps back into a doorway.

Happy Tymes Gym, the door says. She looks in, women sweat, moving to music, stretching, in a world far away.

She opens the door, grabbing four purses and a backpack.

Hidden in a black trash bag she walks down the street,

“Good morning, Officer Freeman.”

“Morning, Rita.”

Down the block and back into her alley hideaway.

100 words

It’s a good day today! Friday Fictioneers

It’s time for the Friday Fictioneers to begin typing for this week.

Rochelle Wisoff Fields chooses the prompt. This week, a photo from Sandra Crook is the the prompt and the challenge is to complete a story in 100 words.

I scrambled out of the van, adjusting my helmet over the protective suit, grabbing the can of red spray paint.

It didn’t look good, probably another ‘X’ to mark bodies inside. I breathed a sigh, the storm had devastated this island!

Picking my way through debris I called out as I moved sand, seaweed, and gingerly opened the warped door. Inside, a man and wife weakly answered. They had survived!

I got them into the van, an ‘O’ painted on this door, and we headed to the Rescue Operation Station.

Today is a good day!