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My funny Valentine (thanks Dr. H.)

Yesterday, preparing for a visit to my rheumatologist, I realized that this doctor with her tests, treatment and personal interest had actually improved my quality of life.

Recently, I was able to take up crocheting again. Something I have enjoyed in past years and pain and deformity in my hands had made it impossible the past few years.

A weeks ago, I started block one of the Traveling Afghan project. That block finished, while waiting for the next one to be posted online, I got out some yarn from my stash and in a couple of afternoons had made two shawls.

I was so pleased with this result, that I took them along to show my doctor.

You know, few people go to the doctor and tell them that things are ‘better’? The reason I know, is because I was told this after she had seen the shawls. She said it was an amazing Valentine gift.

It made me feel good too.

Trusting the garden times

It is Valentine’s Day, and I can remember long ago, Pop going out and scratching a furrow, sometimes even through the snow cover to plant lettuce.

We don’t do that anymore, here on Sunrise Ridge. Did anyone plant lettuce today?

Then, in March on St. Patrick’s Day, Irish potatoes went into the ground.

He planted our big garden by certain dates and moon phases. Usually we had a good garden, enough to enjoy fresh, plenty to reserve and some to give away.

A neutral 'political' statement for 2020

I am not naming names, nor picking on any political parties.

I really believe term limits shoud be a ‘thing’. And after those 2, unless you are representing your party by running for president, you are DONE. Go home get a job, work like the rest of us

No one should be able to run for congress and stay there until they are in their 80’s or more. The Framers did not intend for public service in Congres to be a lifelong career. The original representatives were farmers and small businessmen. Their attention was actually on other things than lobbyists, PACs and pocket lining.

While we’re at it, how about working for minimum wage +$10 per hour and you only get paid if you show up and do your job? If we the people, don’t do ours, you can bet we won’t be employed very long!

And why does a campaign begin the day after the election?
How about 60 days, get your message out, we can vote and, guess what,, if you’re in office, you can WORK for us. Oh, yes, tell us what you plan to do, and how. There is no real reason to spend 4 years tearing down your opponents.

Let’s just have America for Americans and those who choose to work hard to become citizens. 

Women's History Month

Today, I salute my long ago neighbor and beloved friend, Mary Ellen House Shipman. Hubby’s mother, a 5 foot package of stubborn, self- sufficiency and wisdom.

Today would have been her 102 birthday, and although nearly 40 years have passed since she was laid to rest, she isn’t ‘gone’ from Sunrise Ridge, nor will she be as long as a few of us remain.

She grew up in the hills of Arkasnsas, learned to hunt at an early age. It was said, and I’ve no reason to doubt, that her father would give her some ammunition, one, two, three shells and it was her job to bring in an animal for each shell. If she failed, she had best bring back unused shells or a beating was in store.

It was a hard life no doubt, scratching out a living in the Ozark hills, before the days of electricity, running water in the home and only horses or mules to get from here to there.

A story she shared with me was of a trip with her parents in a covered wagon, during which a younger sister died from ‘fever’. It was one of her earliest memories.

Mary Ellen married at age 14 to a man several years her senior, and was mother to 9 chuldren, four of whom did not live past a year. She also haised a step-son, just 8 or nine years younger than herself.

During the hard times of the depression and post depression years, the family followed the harvests and logging jobs, often living in a tent or cabin, still mostly without amenities.

She was skilled in a knowledge of herb medicines, learned somewhere in her life, and I wish I had listened and learned more from her. I’m thankful for the things that stuck.

There is so much more, and it is all rushing through my mind like a tornado this morning.

One thing leads to something else

Recently Hubby and I have started watching some of the historical series on Netflix and other streaming channels. This has led to a lot of questions.

Questions regarding the events, the characters, so what do we do? The answers or at least some of them, can be found by using Google.

So, not to give any spoilers, I am now much better informed about monarchies, European history in general, and early America.

Ask the questions, find the answers, learn new things. It’s good for you!

A moment of perfection

Cedar Grove on Upper Current River, my special ‘place’.

Sycamores stand sentinal across the river, reflected in a pool of water left from recent flooding.

A perfect spot for my reflection too.

Not far down the river, a bluff holds ancient faces watching this section of the world. A thousand thousand years have passed, gray granite, unseeing eyes.

Peace reigns on this day, no kayaks, no canoes, no campers. Trout are hungry in the water, rising to Hubby’s bait. The world it beautiful and full of wonder.

What can we celebrate?

Feb. 4 The odd holidays for this Tuesday include
Thank Your Mailman Day – every day
National Hemp day – for all the CBD and medical Marijuana folks
Create a Vacuum Day – (there may be one between my ears)
Stuffed Mushroom Day – I might try to stuff a mushroom into the soup
and last but certainly not least, National Homemade soup day! Potato soup sounds good today with rain and dropping temps

Or celebrate the fact that today, we have a present. That’s a great gift!

Do you understand EMPTY?

If there is not enough tea, Koolaid, soda left in the container to fill another glass – consider it EMPTY, and make or replenish the supply for the next person. As of today, I too, am going to leave the empty container sit in the fridge and see how long it takes… sadly that may be forever.

If there is only 1/16th of an inch of jelly, a condiment or whatever in the container, – consider it EMPTY!

You should then check the pantry for a replacement and if necessary add the item to the shopping list. You say you want ketchup, I don’t use it, why should I worry about it?

If there are 6 eggs or less in the carton, (that is pretty much ONE breakfast for us) consider that EMPTY, if there is another carton of eggs, write it on the list, if there is NOT, there could be a problem! You need to let the manager know and maybe change your plan!

If there is one slice of bread left in the package, get more from the freezer or consider making biscuits. Everyone here, over the age of 5 knows how to make them and if they are that small there is someone ‘big’ enough to bake them. The recipe is posted on the frieezer door, ingredients in the cabinet above the microwave.

The bathrooms are stocked with necessary items, TP, wipes, soap, toothpaste, clean washcloths and towels… You all know where the ‘replacements’ are. I don’t let those things run out. Just open the cabinet, or do I need to take the door off, so you can’t miss it? Next time I find the tissue roll empty, it will stay that way!

If you get out the last spoon, fork, bowl, plate etc. It is YOUR TURN to wash dishes. RIGHT NOW!

I do the best I can here, but some of this falls in the realm of other peoples responsibility!
Thank you very much and maybe, later on today, I will return … or, maybe I will call someone for take out and find a driver to get there.

Better than ever

Early last summer, I began having issues with my vision. Having spent most of my life wearing ‘Coke bottle’ glasses, I was quite frightened when the receptionist at the Ophthalmologist office said, “You really should come in today, these symptoms could be serious.”

I packed up my trepidations and away we went. It turned out, I needed cataract surgery. That was scheduled for the following week, with a promise of “You will see better than you have ever in your life.”

OK, Doc! I’m in for this! A few days later, one eye is done and the second scheduled for the folowing week. Dark glasses in place, I excitedly await the outcome!

Day two post surgery, sitting on the front porch without glasses for the first time since I was 9 years old, I an thrilled and astonished by being able to discern leaves on the trees and look out across the yard to the garden and actually see, red tomatoes on the plants! Awe, amazement and great rejoicing!

Day 5, I wake up and the eye, even with careful treatment of TLC and the prescribed eye drops at proper intervals, just does not feel right. Of course, it’s SUNDAY, requiring a call to the ansering service and a call back saying “be at the office at 3:00”.

It turned out that there was an issue, so another, more powerful drop is added to the mix and the second surgery postponed.

Eye One continued to heal well, and finally Eye Two had the needed surgery. This time with no recovery problems.

And, guess, what? the doctor was right! I see without glassses, better than I ever remember.

Finally! SNOW!!!

From inside the kitchen, I watched this hawk. I believe he was staking out the bird feeders in the yard. He sat in the flying flakes for quite a while, motionless.

We’ve had a nice coating of freezing rain last night, and finally sno began this morning. I noted when walking to the mail box that there is two inch tall green grass, encased in diamond ice and sprinkled with white glitter.

Farther out, the pines begin to droop with the weight. A drape of icy branches tries to block the view.

Honestly, I’m happy to see some real snow for a change. The last couple of years it’s been sparse. It’s supposed to continue through tomorrow, I don’t have anywhere I must go. It’s all good!

I think there might be some snow ice cream in my future.