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April Foolishness


It still holds true. And, the elected officials ARE on vacation again or still, I’m not certain!

Originally posted on Oldentimes's Blog:

Another April has arrived. What was the best April Fool prank you ever played?
I think my best one was some years ago, Hubby was working 3-11 shift and was sleeeping late into the morning.
When he woke up, I asked him “How did you get that big crack in the truck windshield?”
He failed to see the humor in that!
I pretty much gave up on the foolishness after that, however, I think this year we might change the holiday to “Honor your Elected Officials Day”, somehow, it seems rather appropriate for many of them. Don’t try to contact your senators or representatives in their offices to wish them well, just mail a card – they are on vacation!

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forty nine – your kidding!

Forty nine years ago today, Hubby and I promised to love one another and share good times and bad.

There have been many more good times than bad over those years. We learned a lot about listening to each other, compromising, negotiating, and never ever to taking each other for granted.

It’s almost the big milestone people get carried away about, maybe next year we will be celebrating that!

Enchanted afternoon

Parker, the middle great grandchild decided he wanted to spend the day with Pa and Gamma Grape.

We agreed and entered the wonderful world and imagination of at three year old for several hours.

Our toy box has none of the electronic bells and whistles, so it was not long until I was sitting in the arm chair with him as we drove to the store, inconveniently running out of gas and having a flat on our imaginary adventure. Things that have happened in his world.

Later, after a meal of hot dogs, mac and cheese and pickles, I turned on the computer to share Parker with some family far away.

In the toy box, he found a Spiderman figure, a large two piece Easter egg and some Lego’s. These items became a space ship. He and Pa had a serious discussion over where the ship would go – moon or Mars.

Finally he succumbed to a nap, snuggled on the couch with an afghan and stuffed toy. I might need one too!

10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse


After years in health care, I can surely relate to this fine post. I hope you enjoy it. For those who wonder, I hope to be back behind the keyboard as Oldentimes soon.

Originally posted on Adventures of a Labor Nurse:

There are lots of nurses in my family, including my mother, who has been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. So I know a thing or two about being raised by a nurse…

Britta-Perry Seriously?!?

You have to be bleeding to death or unconscious to go to the emergency room. When my dad started complaining of chest pain in the middle of the night and said he wanted to go to the ER, my mom warned him that it better not be his gallbladder. Halfway to the ER, she made him go back home so she could get her scrubs… you know, ’cause she worked the next day :/  Needless to say, it was not his gallbladder. You guessed it, he was having a heart attack :( I’m so glad he’s still around to not let her live that one down…Oh, and she didn’t notify any of her kids until the next morning, because…

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Sharing because I believe this teacher is ‘right on the money’.
Everyone learns differently and responds differently.

Originally posted on Crawling Out of the Classroom:

To all of my precious students,

I am sorry for what I am about to do to you.

This week, I am going to have to give you a new test. It’s called PARCC. There will be five separate tests, on four separate days, and my guess is that most of you will hate them.  My guess is that one or two of you will be brought to tears because they will make you feel like you are not smart enough.  My guess is that several of you will give up part way through the test and just start clicking around on the screen. My guess is that some of you will look around at the students sitting next to you to try and figure out if they are also as confused as you are in the hopes of knowing that you are not the only way feeling this way…

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We have been visited by winter. Last week, 8.5 inches of snow and then about 3 inches of fine sleet.

The sleet has compacted to a great layer of very slikc ice, thick enough that my 130 pounds will not crack through the crust..

This morning, with temperature hovering around 10 degrees, it fell to me to take water to the kennels and check on the chickens. Not a difficult task on most days and one I have done many, many times in the past. Dressing for the weather, in high top boots, heavy coat, fur hat, I picked up my water jugs and stepped out.

The porch and stairs, nicely cleared due to the efforts of Hubby and Brett was no problem, nor about the first 20 steps across the glacier that was once our yard.

Then, Right foot went one way and left went another as I tried some sort of ice skating move! There was not grace, no beauty in my loss of traction, water spilling from the jugs just made the whole situation worse!

I found myself resting on the ice, on the well padded portion of my body, wondering ‘what now’?

Simply put, I was uninjured (if you don’t count my pride) but never the less in a mess! No way could I get up on that slick stuff, I would have to crawl to something to use to get up!  Sudden realization that my gloves were inside was not  pleasant knowledge. Sliding across the layer of water covered ice, I was remembered all the safety rules – not quite soon enough!

I made it to the dog pens, got back on my feet, carefully made my way back to refill the jugs and started over, with a walking stick in hand.

Soon the task was complete, the animals cared for and yes, now the gloves are in my coat pocket!

Feb. 20 National Hooty Hoo day

Hooty-hoo day : Go outside at noon, wave your arms and yell, “Hooty-Hoo”. This is supposed to scare away  Old Man Winter.

So I donned proper attire for the 11 degree wind chill, coat, boots, furry hat and my trademark pink gloves, and did my part.

It may not have been effective, sleet and freezing rain fell from late afternoon through the night, leaving a sick and treacherous coating atop the previous blanket of snow.

It has been a long week on Sunrise Ridge. Epic cold and snow deep and fluffy has kept me inside for the most part.

Oh, there has been plenty to ‘do’, but at some point cabin fever sets in.

Then there was, picking at the back of my mind this coming Monday,  Chrysta’s birthday.  Yesterday, while prepping for more unpleasant weather, I had an idea. That idea led to posting this request on social media:

‘Throwing this out there. In November, daughter Chrysta passed away. She was a loving caring woman, filled with compassion.
Monday would be her birthday.
In her memory, I challenge all of my friends to ‘pay it forward’.
Do a random act of kindness for someone this weekend.
Feel free to share your blessings.’

Grandson Brett and I are making cookies for him to share at the Sheltered Workshop where he is employed.

Someone is donating blood, another made soup and shared with a neighbor… many great ideas.

I know Monday still looms in the future, no doubt there will be tears, but the idea that we are celebrating a life well lived doing things she would do is comforting.

Feel free to join this birthday party and share your blessings with someone and in a comment here.

A friend asked earlier, about a ‘perfect’ romantic getaway. No doubt prompted by Valentine’s Day arriving thiswee.

Hers was a weekend at a B&B,  A fine dinner, a movie and there is certainly nothing wrong with that idea. In fact, I would bet that her choice is probably a lot more popular than mine. :)

So here it is, ‘Mary’s Truly Romantic Weekend’. Hubby and I would load up our camping gear and head for a ‘special place’ we like. Warm sunshine, soft sand, clear clean blue water would nearly surround us. Gentle breezes wafting floral scents, a soft serenade of birdsong… Not a cellphone or electronic item in sight

A long walk or two, time to talk. Hubby might fish…. I can read a book or nap!

Velvet nights under the stars, maybe a splinter of moon for light, a campfire for a bit of warmth and hand holding before we go to bed. Simple food, bacon and eggs in the cast iron skillet for breakfast, pork steak and baked potatoes on the grill and some fruit for dessert.

How about you? What is your dream romantic getaway?

The Valentine mix-up

February is almost here, Valentine’s day is drawing near.

My ‘funny’ valentine tale.

Some years ago, I was working for a health care company, and had to drive from Potosi, MO to Poplar Bluff, MO (100+ miles) to see Physical Therapy patients in nursing homes. I got a call from a local florist in a town I had already left, that they could not deliver my flowers…

I gave them the itinerary of the day and they sent the order ahead to another small town with a florist, calling me back with the information.

I picked up my rose bouquet a couple of stops later and drove the rest of the day on winding roads with a vase of flowers seat belted beside me


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