October is on the wane. Most of the garden is done, in fact has been tilled and planted to turnips.

Since we finally have had some nice ground soaking rains, those are doing quite well. The tops are now big enough to cut for greens and soon there will be turnips to eat. Hubby plants them every fall, we share them with the deer.

Those deer have already been into the food plot patch and sampled some.

Here in the kitchen, a plate of cushaw seeds are drying as well as a couple of pods of okra. Those were exceptionally good and the seed will be planted in hopes of another crop.

The pretty green striped cushaw and its twin were given to me by a friend. We like them and will try growing our own next year.

Funny, we keep talking about scaling back the garden, but it seems to grow and grow as we add new things. I have no complaints about that. Growing our own, we know what is in it and what has been used on it. It gives us retirees something to do, and if there is more than we need something to share.