My house is a ‘drop off’ point for a couple of other families for UPS and FedEx packages. It makes sense, I am usually home, have no running outdoor dogs and things don’t have to sit outside in bad weather.

Yesterday, the FedEx driver called to make sure of my location, before he came “You are the last house on the road and there are two minibikes in the yard?”

“Yes, that is me, and if you pass the mailbox, you took the wrong fork.” I replied.

He arrived soon after with two boxes. One was a medium size, easily manageable; but the other was so large it would barely fit through the front door. If it had been heavier I would have suspected that a person was inside!

The boxes were not for me but for my grandson, so I called and left him a message that things had arrived.

Later, the family arrived to visit and pick up their packages. Great grandson Parker was far more interested in the smaller box than the contents, typical for a small child.

But then began the fun and laughter as Parker’ mother and father started playing with the large box

I guess it does not matter how old the kids are, boxes are still fun!